Shipping and Delivery

Safe and secure NAYAGHARR Orders are accepted and handled with utmost care at our safe and sterilized fulfillment centers to ensure your safety, due to recent Corona outbreaks.
Reliable NAYAGHARR comes with an assurance that orders delivered will be same as advertised on our website, allowing customers to shop with utmost trust and peace of mind.
Fast Delivery/th> Get orders quickly and enjoy same day deliveries through NAYAGHARR EXPRESS DELIVERY straight from our reginal FULFILLMENT Centers and trusted partners.


What are the promised delivery timelines for normal shipments?

Promised delivery timelines for non-express shipments are the estimated number of days for your items to be delivered at your address. These timelines are based on business days and exclude public holidays and Sundays.

Can I change my shipping address after I have placed my order?

Unfortunately, your shipping details cannot be changed after your order has been placed. However, you may cancel the order and re-order with right address.

What is Shipping Fee (Charged by Nayagharr) and Shipping Fee (Paid by Customer)?

All transactions on NAYAGHARR involve a shipping fee. This can either be paid by the customer, or shouldered by the seller through a free shipping promotion. Shipping Fee (Paid by Customer) is applied as a credit to the Account Statement. The amount is the one that shows up during the customer’s checkout process. Shipping Fee (Charged by Nayagharr) is applied as a debit (or deduction) to the Account Statement. The amount is based on actual weight as measured by the sorting center. In an ideal scenario, both debit and credit amounts are the same (where there was no free shipping promo).

What is Shipping Weight?

Shipping weight is the Chargeable weight calculated as the actual weight (gross weight) OR the dimensional (volumetric) weight of a parcel, whichever is higher. The chargeable weight is then used to calculate your shipping fees.

Will Shipping Charges be according to Gross Weight or Volumetric Weight?

Shipping charges will be applied to the gross weight or volumetric weight, whichever is greater.

What unit is the Weight of the product measured in?

All weight measurements of products on Seller Center are in Kilograms.

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