Return Policy

Returns and Cancellation Policy sets out the terms under which NAYAGHARR accepts and executes returns and cancellations of orders, and shall apply to Buyers.

NAYAGHARR shall endeavor to facilitate timely delivery of Products and materials as per a Buyer’s order details, indicated dispatch times and terms and conditions of the supply of the Products stated. If a Buyer is not satisfied with a purchase, we are here to help.

How do I file a claim on my returns items?

To file a claim, you will need to fill in a return claim form which we will process accordingly. There are 9 fields that need to be filled in:

Claim Reason The reason for the claim.
Order Number Order number against which claim is being made.
Seller SKU Seller SKU against which claim is being made
Tracking Number The tracking number for the order against which claim is being made.
Return Tracking Number The tracking number of the return.
Item Price The price of the product/item against which claim is being made.
Item Returned Date The date when the product/item was returned by you.
Description: Enter a brief description of your claim.
Attachments Upload any photographic evidence that may support your claim.
What do I do when an item is returned?

Upon customer's decision to return a product, you will receive a return form with the item indicating the return reason. Based on NAYAGHARR seller terms and conditions, all return items must be accepted. However, if an item is returned in a damaged or an unacceptable condition, you can claim to request for compensation.

What if customer wants to return few items from the Order?

In case a Buyer wants to partially cancel some Products from the order placed, the same needs to be notified to the customer care of NAYAGHARR immediately and a new order must be generated for the modified quantities.

Is it possible for my claim to be rejected?

Yes, your claim can be rejected if the proof provided is invalid. Submitting the claim more than once or wrongly submitting a form will lead to its rejection. This form is for dispute claims on the returned product or for cases where the item has yet to be returned to you.

What happens if my item is returned damaged?
  • Vendor has to accept everything in all cases.
  • In cases where seller finds any discrepancy in the package/item he has received v/s what he handed over to Nayagharr, he can always claim it but only by using the claims form.
  • In all cases of claims, seller has to submit pictures of the product as a proof.
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