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Flyash - Gutka Elevation Tile

Fair Weather | Water resistant | Energy Saver | Facing Elevation

NAYAGHARR is an emerging name in the Pakistan Housing Sector. We aim to deliver quality raw products for construction industry, including Cement, Steel, Bricks, Crush, etc. We respect our customers and our quality guaranteed. We accept orders more than 1000 Bricks only.

Prices are ex-factory located Hiran-Minaar Interchange M2


First time in Pakistan 100% pure Flyash bricks as per international standards.

Benefits are mentioned below:

- Best for basement, outer walls, rooftop.

- 6% to 12% Water Absorption.

- Not impacted by termite.

- Cool in summer, Hot in winters.

- Saves Electricity bills.

- Accurate size and in good alignment.

- Saves up to 50% mortar in masonry.

- Solid Plaster bonding than ordinary brick.

- No need of watering.

- No paint damage as it’s water proof.

- Teap Finish free.

- No compromise on quality.

- 100% full quantity.

- Teap finish masonry free.

- Less porous.

- Negligible breakage.

- Better sound resistant

- Environment friendly

No one have this technology except us.

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