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Bestway Pakistan introduced XTREME Bond, as the highest quality tile adhesive product available in Pakistan for tiling applications. XTREME Bond is manufactured under supervision of international experts, keeping in view the gaps in current products available in the market and addressing them through a product which is far exceeding market norms.

  • Has Anti Sagging properties as it prevents sagging of tiles.
  • - Has good Water Retention capacity due to presence of polymers.
  • - Has an Open Time of 9-10 hours.
  • - Has Superior Adhesion properties.
  • - No curing required of tiles before or after application.
  • - Ready to use, just mix water. Do not add extra cement.
  • - No Air Voids in the mix slurry.
  • - Is environmentally friendly due to absence of volatile components.
  • - Requires lesser application of mixture with a maximum Bed thickness of 2-4 mm being sufficient.
  • - Superior strength even under extreme temperature (hot/cold) and weather conditions.
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