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Askari - Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is the most common type of Cement from Askari Cement Limited (ACL) used mostly because of its quick setting property and strength. Ordinary Portland Cement can be used under variety of conditions, structures with flexibility, and therefore it has revolutionized the concept of construction and made it the most popular cementing material in the construction industry.

Askari Cement is a premium brand in local market and enjoys client trust and loyalty established over decades. Askari is known for its high quality and strength.

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) was first of all introduced in 1824 by Joseph Aspdin, a brick layer of Leeds, England. On setting, the colour of cement resembles the colour of rocks near Portland (England).

Askari Cement Limited (ACL) is one of the leading manufacturers in the Pakistan's Cement Industry. Askari Cement has its two plants located at Wah (Punjab) and Nowshera (KPK). It originated back in 1921 and since then has gained the trust of millions of consumers. The Askari Cement is also exporting different products to outside Pakistan, including Afghanistan, South Africa and Sudan. ACL was incorporated internationally and started its operation in 1995 by commissioning of F.L.S Plant of Denmark, having current cement capacity of 3,675 TPD.

Askari Cement, being the best quality cement in Pakistan has always been preferred for the construction of National Level Mega projects including Dams, Canals, Bridges, Highways, Commercial and Industrial Complexes and Larger Residential Societies.

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